Technology and Ethics

Technology and Transparency: Partnership for PPDD 2019 International Conference

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22-24 May 2019
Georgetown University
37th and O Streets, N.W.
Washington, District of Columbia USA

Professor Rajesh Veerarahavan, Georgetown University, DC discussion on making Technology inclusive.

He discusses the divided opinions on the use of technology that sees one group lobbying for the use of the technology as a positive force vs the view of violation of human rights. He argues to have a contextural discussion of how the technologies can benefit the underserved. How can the tech be redesigned? Suggests for more people to be part of the design. Must go beyond the designer as the centre of the decision. Need to expand the imput of views beyond the designer. ” Not to black box” the technology

Need to raise the issues of transparency, simple solutions, technology for all, Argue for citizenship in the design.

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