EQUALS in Tech Awards

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EQUALS,  founded in 2016 by five partners: the International Telecommunications Union, UN Women, the International Trade Centre, GSMA and the United Nations University,  is a growing global network of more than 90 partners – including governments, companies and NGOs  around the world dedicated to promoting gender balance in the technology sector by championing equality of access, skills development and career opportunities for women and men alike. 


The EQUALS in Tech Awards is an annual program that recognizes  people who are helping girls and women get equal access, skills and opportunities online and in the tech industry. Winners receive a paid trip to the awards ceremony (for the 2019 awards, this will be held in Berlin)  join an Advisory Panel that chooses future award winners.


VIDEO: twitter.com/i/status/1135515507082371072

NOMINATIONS  deadline June 13 2019  bit.ly/2GRY21b
FAQ: www.equals.org/awards-faq

TWITTER: #EITA2019 bit.ly/eita2019

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