Digital Watch May 2019

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The latest issue of the GIP Digital Watchnewsletter covering May 2019 contains:

  • An overview of trends in May: the Huawei controversy rages on, the fight against violent extremism is in the spotlight, and facial recognition technology raises alarms.
  • A review of the main digital policy developments in May, which show that security, e-commerce and the Internet economy, digital rights, and new technologies were prominent issues in May.
  • An analysis of how the latest US Executive Order has added new dimensions to the Huawei controversy.
  • A feature on artificial intelligence (AI) and robotics as a potential solution to the ageing world.
  • A data analysis section on court cases relating to the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) since it entered into force a year ago.
  • The calendar of upcoming events in June.


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