‘All we know is MONEY!’: US cities struggle to fight hackers

Baltimore this month joined Atlanta, San Diego and Newark in the list of US cities hit by ransomware attacks as the cyber intrusions are expected to continueCities is supported by Sam Levin in New York @SamTLevin Email Mon 3 Jun 2019  “We won’t talk more, all we know is MONEY! Hurry up!” This was the ransom note that confronted Baltimore […]

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U.S. Requiring Social Media Information From Visa Applicants

By Sandra E. Garcia, June 2, 2019 Visa applicants to the United States are required to submit any information about social media accounts they have used in the past five years under a State Department policy that started on Friday. Such account information would give the government access to photos, locations, dates of birth, dates […]


Blockchain Technology: What Is It and How Is It Relevant for Nonprofits?

May 30, 2019 By Paul Lamb, Principal at Man On A Mission Consulting, has over 25 years of experience in business, nonprofit management, technology, and public policy. We’ve all heard about blockchain, or at least its most famous application – bitcoin. But what exactly is blockchain it and how is it relevant for nonprofits? Blockchain Simplified At […]

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China Demands Control over ‘A.I. Governance’

JOHN HAYWARD31 May 20191645:14 China’s state-run Global Times on Thursday demanded a leading role for Beijing in formulating the global rules governing artificial intelligence (AI). The Chinese paper was correct to believe that AI is something everyone in the world should be concerned about, but neglected to mention that China is one of the big reasons they […]


Digital Divide Reports

Digital education may be the future of education, but most American schools are far from ready. This Hechinger Report series examines a national effort to close the digital divide by connecting all American schools to high-speed Internet, and why so many schools still lag so far behind.


Net Inclusion 2020

Mark your calendars for April 7-9, 2020. The fifth annual Net Inclusion will take place in Portland, OR! Net Inclusion 2020 will be a three-day event, starting with workshops at a community venue and site visits tours throughout the city on April 7th. The rest of the conference will take place at the Portland State University […]


You go that way, we’ll go Huawei: China Computer Federation kicks back at IEEE in tit-for-tat spat

Now they’re withdrawing co-operation too By Gareth Corfield 31 May 2019  Following disquiet over the IEEE’s decision to block Huawei-linked researchers from doing various academic tasks, a Chinese computer research body has reportedly severed ties with the IEEE in retaliation. The China Computer Federation (CCF) declared that it is suspending communications with the US-based Institute of Electrical and Electronic […]