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How has Social Media changed your Neighbourhood

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From local WhatsApp and Facebook groups to other virtual communities, how do you connect with neighbours online?

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 Dop you have a local messaging group? Photograph: Chesnot/Getty Images

People don’t just hide people behind their screens. Whether it’s a WhatsApp group for park parties, or a Facebook page for your entire street, the internet also connects neighbours who might once have passed each other by. Has the internet made you more neighbourly?

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We would like to hear from you about whether technology has helped or hindered friendships in your neighbourhood. Does your street have an online group? Has technology helped you to see your neighbours more often, and get to know them better? How do you use it, and what do you do together?

Sometimes tighter communities might cause problems too. Do your neighbours have an online group that makes you feel left out? Are local people using technology to gossip about each other? Have you found any other drawbacks in your virtual neighbourhood?

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