IGF Daily Brief 3 is out!

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Our third issue of the IGF Daily Brief, summarising yesterday’s discussions, is fresh off the press. Here are the highlights:

  • Inclusiveness and security at the core of the Internet: How can we make the Internet more inclusive?
  • Towards trustworthy AI: How do we regulate this?
  • Data governance frameworks and the risk of fragmentation
  • Peace and conflict in cyberspace – towards a more stable cyberspace
  • Protecting democracy and the modern economy
  • Safeguarding children’s rights online
  • Closing the gaps on human rights online
  • Understanding legal uncertainties – amongst major risks for the Internet’s sustainable development
  • Digital inclusion
  • Taxing the digital economy
  • Violent extremism: a problem of definition and clear responsibilities?


  • humAInism project – aimed to establish a closer link between AI and societal needs
  • AI quotes of the day, from the former coffee-maker, turned AI-powered opinion-leader, IQ’whalo.
  • Day 1’s most prominent issues, and Prefix Monitor, based on our data analysis of transcripts.
  • Don’t miss today! A hand-picked selection of IGF 2019 sessions to follow today.