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Domain Registries and Registrars Release Joint Document on Addressing ‘DNS Abuse’ Resource

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The Domain Name System (DNS) serves as a crucial but largely unheralded system underpinning the Internet’s ability to connect its users and devices. The safe and secure operation of the DNS has provided a firm foundation for the growth of the Internet as a global public resource, but much like the Internet as a whole, it is not immune to abuse. For the good of the Internet and everything it enhances, the undersigned domain name registrars and registries aim to reinforce the safety and security of the DNS by highlighting shared practices toward disrupting abuse of the DNS (DNS Abuse). A collection of governments worldwide, known as the ICANN Government Advisory Committee,1 recently stated: Protecting the public from security threats and DNS Abuse is an important public policy issue .… If the public is to trust and rely upon the Internet for communications and transactions, those tasked with administering the DNS infrastructure must take steps to ensure that this public resource is safe and secure.2

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