ICANN Nominations Deadline Feb 18th, 2020

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Apply Now for ICANN and PTI Leadership Positions

The Nominating Committee (NomCom) for the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) invites interested individuals to submit applications for key leadership positions within ICANN and Public Technical Identifiers (PTI), an affiliate of ICANN organization. Selected individuals will have a unique opportunity to work with accomplished colleagues from around the globe to help shape the Internet’s technical coordination and policy development. The deadline to submit applications is 18 February 2020 at 23:59 Universal Coordinated Time (UTC).

Candidates must submit applications through the online candidate portal.

For full consideration, the NomCom must receive applications by 18 February 2020, 23:59 UTC. There will be no grace period for candidates to complete their application forms through the online candidate portal. Candidate applications that remain incomplete at the end of this period will not be considered.

Candidates will receive an automated email from either [email protected] or [email protected] after creating an account. In addition, candidates can contact NomCom Staff Support at [email protected] if there are any questions.

All applications are confidential. Selections are expected to be announced by August 2020. Successful candidates will assume their positions after ICANN‘s Annual General Meeting scheduled to be held during ICANN69, which runs from 17-22 October 2020.

Board and Community Recommendations to NomCom


2020 Nominating Committee (NomCom) Timeline

Open Positions

The Nominating Committee invites interested individuals to submit applications for the following positions:

  • Two members of the ICANN Board of Directors (ICANN Board Member: Job Description [PDF, 72 KB])
  • One member of the PTI Board of Directors
  • Two regional representatives to the At-Large Advisory Committee (ALAC) – one from the European region and one from the North American region
  • One member of the Generic Names Supporting Organization (GNSO) Council
  • One member of the Country Code Names Supporting Organization (ccNSO) Council

For further details on eligibility factors, criteria, qualifications, and time commitment, see ICANN Nominating Committee | Open Leadership Positions 2020

10 Open Leadership Positions to be filled by the 2020 Nominating Committee (NomCom)


The 2020 Nominating Committee (NomCom) was convened at the conclusion of the ICANN Annual General Meeting (AGM) at ICANN66 in Montréal, Canada.

The NomCom is an independent committee tasked with selecting key ICANN members including the Board of Directors, as well as the ALAC, the ccNSO Council and the GNSO Council. The NomCom is designed to function independently from the Board, the Supporting Organizations, and Advisory Committees. NomCom members act only on behalf of the interests of the global Internet community and within the scope of the ICANN mission and responsibilities assigned to it by the ICANN Bylaws.

The Nominating Committee (NomCom) Structure




Leadership Team Members: Jay Sudowski (Chair), Ole Jacobsen (Chair Elect), and Damon Ashcraft (Associate Chair).

Committee Members: Pankaj Chaturvedi (ASO), Amrita Choudhury (ALAC – AP), Kristine Dorrain (GNSO – RySG), Hadia Elminiawi (ALAC – AF), Michael Graham (GNSO – IPC), Caroline Greer (GNSO – RrSG), Tracy Hackshaw (ALAC – LAC), Wolfgang Kleinwächter (GNSO – NCUC), Peter Koch (IETF), Annebeth Lange (ccNSO), Marie-Noemie Marques (GNSO – ISPCP), Glenn McKnight (ALAC – NA), Paul Mitchel (GNSO – CBUC), Lawrence Olawale-Roberts (GNSO-CBUC), Amir Qayyum (RSSAC), Chris Roosenraad (SSAC), and Erich Schweighofer (ALAC – EUR).

Nominating Committee Member Biographies – Click here