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Before the coronavirus, telework was an optional benefit, mostly for the affluent few

BY DREW DESILVER One of the key public health responses to the global coronavirus pandemic has been social distancing – avoiding large groups of people in close quarters in order to inhibit the spread of COVID-19, the disease caused by the virus. Along with shutting down sports leagues, closing churches and stores and limiting restaurants to take-out service only, […]

Covid-19 DNS Abuse

Go here to help fight against coronavirus abuse

Kevin Murphy, March 26, 2020, Domain Tech A coalition of over 1,000 security experts, domain name providers and others have got together to help coordinate efforts to combat abusive coronavirus-related domains. A workspace on the collaboration platform Slack has been growing steadily since it was created a week ago, enabling technology professionals to exchange information about […]


Amid our fear, we’re rediscovering utopian hopes of a connected world

Alan Rusbridger The coronavirus blitz spirit has focused our interest on networks that make us stronger – the NHS, the BBC and the internet itself Sun 29 Mar 2020 09.00 BSTLast modified on Sun 29 Mar 2020 09.59 BST If this is the worst of times, it is also the best of times. In our anxiety we are drawing […]


ICANN publishes .com price hike report

BY ANDREW ALLEMANN — MARCH 27, 2020 UNCATEGORIZED 0 COMMENTS Staff justification report echoes its previous comments, as well as Verisign’s. ICANN has published a review of comments submitted about its proposed contract amendment with Verisign (NASDAQ: VRSN) for .com. The most controversial aspect of the amendment is allowing Verisign to increase the price of .com domains by 7% per […]


School closings prompted by coronavirus have affected more than 1.5 billion students worldwide

Public Domain CORONAVIRUS NEWS UNESCO says more than 160 countries have closed all their schools because of the pandemic.Mike Kennedy MAR 26, 2020 The coronavirus has disrupted schooling for more than 87% of the world’s student population, UNESCO says. UNESCO—the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization—says that as of March 25, the pandemic has led […]

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Remote Learning Tips

Web Conferencing Links & Articles Compiled By the team at Brookline Interactive Group Thank you to the individuals who created these helpful guides and have shared them with us! The New Normal: Web Conferencing Tools & Covid-19 Resources for Non-profit Organizations & Local Governments Elected Officials, Nonprofits & Public Access Television For Government Officials: by […]

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Holding Class on Zoom? Beware of These Hacks, Hijinks and Hazards

By Tony Wan     Mar 27, 2020 This article is part of the guide Sustaining Higher Education in the Coronavirus Crisis. On Tuesday, Kristina Ishmael was watching a webinar about how coronavirus will impact K-12 education policy, when the screen was suddenly flooded by pictures of pornographic images and racial slurs. The moderator turned […]


[Briefing] Internet governance in March 2020

 online   31 Mar 2020    Internet Governance, Webinar What were the main Internet governance updates in March? How will recent updates influence the developments in upcoming months? Join us for our next monthly briefing on Tuesday, 31st March, at 11:00 UTC (13:00 CEST), for a round-up of the major global IG and digital policy developments. You receive hundreds of pieces of […]

Diplo Human Rights

DIPLO Session Summary: Tech and Human Rights Violations of human rights in the context of the response to COVID-19 are increasingly making the headlines. The right to access information, right to privacy, freedom of movement and assembly, and freedom of expression are some of the basic rights that are being affected by nationwide lockdowns and emergency measures. Given the importance and […]