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ISKME’s OER Partners Step Up to Create Remote Learning Collections 

It has been inspiring to see our OER partner states, districts, schools and individual educators curate and create tools and resources to support remote learning this past week. Here are a few examples:Washington Office of Superintendent of Public Instruction has a well-established OER Hub where they have now begun developing curated collections of remote-learning resources for educators across the state.On GoOpenNC, North Carolina’s Department of Public Instruction is offering a webinar series to support remote learning and has developed tools, including a “Remote Learning Organizer” to assist educators in assessing what they know and need, and what they can do to support their students. North Carolina educators are collaborating and sharing their remote learning resources here.Sun West Schools Division in Saskatchewan, Canada has developed a “Learning at Home” Hub that includes curated collections of resources organized by grades and topics.At ISKME, we have put together a K-12 Hub for Remote Learning with collections of resources by grade level, subject, or provider, which you can filter by to find what you need. For our Higher Education community, the long-standing Open Textbooks Hub remains the place to find OER across disciplines, organized by topic and provider.

Getting Resources to Your Students 

Once you’ve found the materials to support your class, how do you get those materials to where your students are? On OER Commons, there are a few different ways you can make those materials available to students for remote learning. 

Did you know that every single resource on OER Commons can be added to your Google Classroom instance by clicking the Google Classroom logo and creating an assignment? If you aren’t using Google Classroom but are using an LMS, please complete the OER Commons LTI form and we’ll help you set up an LTI integration with your LMS so that you can organize and make available the resources you’ve saved on OER Commons.Open Author Release With New Accessibility Checker

ISKME recently released our new Open Author tool, a single tool providing all of the benefits and features enjoyed in the Resource Builder, Lesson Builder, and Module Builder in one place. New features include:Updated WYSIWYG Editor, including an Accessibility checker, copy/paste  from Word and Excel, and an easy-to-use Math editorImage upload tools that include alt-text and captionsMultiple download options: PDF, EPUB3 (braille and screen-reader ready), SCORM, and Thin Common CartridgeImport from Google or Microsoft OneDriveAdd a Co-AuthorInstructor content supported for each Section

New Accessibility Checker:Accessibility Checker is a function within Open Author to instantly identify any accessibility issues and solve issues that are found. It reports instances where content lacks proper color contrast, font size, and alternative text, etc. This will ensure that everyone is able to access the content, including those who use screen readers and screen magnifiers.To use the Accessibility Checker function, click the Check Accessibility () toolbar button. It will perform its checking process and display results. If there are accessibility issues, they will be displayed one at a time to either be ignored (leave as-is) or solved. A Quick-Fix feature can be used to solve issues, or they can be manually changed.
Webinar – Monday, March 30th, 11:00am Pacific Time

Utilizing OER for Remote Learning
Join members of the ISKME team for a webinar to learn how educators are finding and organizing resources to support their students as they transition to remote learning.

We will begin by exploring the current landscape of remote learning, and showcasing examples of how educators are curating and creating resources in their states, schools, and districts. 

We will discuss the challenges and opportunities that educators face in terms of sharing educational resources in a digital classroom, and the potential for open educational resources to remove barriers to access.

Lastly, we will discuss how educators are utilizing tools for collaboration to create communities of learners around specific content areas.

Here is the link to join this webinar.Stay Connected

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