Affordable Broadband Now and Later

Today, we face a health crisis that makes plain – again – the importance of broadband to all people in America. As Oliva Wein of the National Consumer Law Center explains, “We’re hearing stories of low-income people without broadband at home traveling to healthcare facilities, risking their health and the health of other people, including […]

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Covid-19 and Privacy

Thanks to Dr Joanna Kulesza for this collected works Source Active overview of projects using personal data to combat SARS-CoV-2 Access Now – “Protect digital rights, promote public health: toward a better coronavirus response.” Article 19 – “Coronavirus: New ARTICLE 19 briefing on tackling misinformation.” Defesa dos Dereitos Digitais (D3) – […]


Coronavirus is being used to suppress press freedoms globally Sara Fischer Illustration: Eniola Odetunde/Axios The coronavirus is providing cover to autocrats, dictators, and even some democratically-elected leaders who were already looking for reasons to undermine the independent media. Driving the news: Recent examples show the press is being shut out by the government under the guise of stopping misinformation from spreading about the pandemic. […]

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Micah Lee, Yael GrauerMarch 31 2020, 4:00 a.m. ZOOM, THE video conferencing service whose use has spiked amid the Covid-19 pandemic, claims to implement end-to-end encryption, widely understood as the most private form of internet communication, protecting conversations from all outside parties. In fact, Zoom is using its own definition of the term, one that lets Zoom itself […]


Sunday: Australia is shocked UK would consider tracking mobile data to beat pandemic. Monday: Australia to deploy drone intimidation squads

Bloody poms are full of great ideas By Richard Currie 31 Mar 2020 at 16:5621  SHARE ▼ Australian prime minister Scott Morrison may have to eat his words on how to limit the spread of coronavirus after the country’s westernmost state announced “extreme and draconian” measures all of its own. On Sunday, as Australia went into lockdown and banned gatherings of more than […]

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Coronavirus: This could be the right time to get home internet

By Nixon Kanali -March 31, The demand for home internet and wireless connectivity in Kenya might go high as more Kenyans work and learn remotely due to global concerns over the current coronavirus (Covid-19) outbreak.Advertisement As we have previously mentioned, the disrupted business environment, as a result of this pandemic, has made it essential to provide everyone in the organisation […]