Special ARIN Virtual Fellowship Program Launching in 2021

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The ARIN Fellowship Program is a defined, staff-driven program designed to broaden inclusion, diversity, engagement, and volunteerism amongst community members within the ARIN region.

The dates to apply to the Virtual Fellowship will be 11 January – 12 February 2021

Bringing the Fellowship Program to a virtual space for ARIN 47 is necessary to keep the program operational in 2021 and to continue growing involvement in the ARIN community. The program will consist of four structured 60-90 minute sessions held weekly on Thursday afternoons from 25 March – 15 April, and it will provide focused interaction to develop relationships between Fellows, seasoned technology professionals in the community, and ARIN staff and leadership. Two ARIN Fellows will be paired with an ARIN community member mentor throughout the program. The program will stay committed to broadening awareness about ARIN’s work and services and provide opportunities to learn about and participate in ARIN’s Policy Development Process (PDP).

If you or someone you know is interested in learning more about ARIN and becoming a part of an active, involved, and committed community, then ARIN looks forward to receiving your Virtual Fellowship application! To be considered, you must meet the criteria described below and submit an online application by published deadlines.

What our Fellows have said…

“It was an awesome opportunity to tap into a wealth of knowledge and be part of something critically important to the future of our society!”

-ARIN 44 Fellow

Am I eligible to apply?

The Virtual Fellowship Program is open to individuals from ARIN customer organizations or individuals having a direct and visible engagement in the ARIN community who reside in the ARIN region: Canada, the Caribbean and North Atlantic Islands, and the United States and Outlying Areas who have an interest in learning more about ARIN’s programs and services and Internet number resource policy and discussions in the ARIN region. Special consideration will be given to those new to the organization who have never attended an ARIN meeting before, and present a compelling case for being a part of this virtual program.

Please note the four weekly sessions will take place on Thursday afternoons at 2:00 PM ET on 25 March, 1 April, 8 April, and 15 April. Sessions will last up to 90 minutes and participation is required each week, in addition to attending ARIN 47 virtually.

Past ARIN Fellows may apply to be considered to receive one additional ARIN Fellowship. Applications will be considered based on selection criteria outlined in this section. Past Fellows will also be evaluated on their previous Fellowship participation, this includes completion of the Fellowship Program survey. Those who applied for the cancelled ARIN 45 Fellowship Program must re-apply but will be able to reuse their previous answers and edit if needed.

Applicants are expected to meet the following criteria in order to be considered for an ARIN Fellowship:

  • Understand the importance of ARIN’s mission and have some familiarity with ARIN Services through their professional experience
  • Be subscribed to the ARIN Announce and ARIN Public Policy mailing lists
  • Present a compelling case for attending the Virtual Fellowship Program, including:
    • what they intend to accomplish or get out of attending,
    • how attending would help them in their work or study,
    • how they intend to apply/share their ARIN experience, and
    • how a mentorship experience would benefit their career in tech.
  • Submit a professional headshot
  • Sign and return the ARIN Fellowship Terms and Conditions within three business days of accepting a Fellowship
  • Complete a Virtual Fellowship Program evaluation after the conclusion of the meeting, which consists of a survey and one-page written summary (Fellows who do not complete the program evaluation will be ineligible to reapply for a future Fellowship)
  • Review the pre-meeting educational agenda
  • Have the support and approval from current employer, if needed, prior to applying for and/or accepting an ARIN Virtual Fellowship
  • Commit to attending each virtual session at 2:00 PM ET on 25 March, 1 April, 8 April, and 15 April, in addition to attending ARIN 47 virtually

All applicants must complete the online Virtual Fellowship Program application in full and submit it according to published deadlines in order to be eligible. Those who applied to the cancelled 2020 Fellowship Program must submit a new application for consideration. A preview of the Fellowship application questions is available below. Please note that ARIN staff may not be used as references.

What our Fellows have said…

“It provided me with an opportunity to see how I can play a part in advancing regional cooperation regarding Internet development issues in the region.”

-ARIN 44 Fellow

How do I apply?

Look for an announcement coming mid-January 2021 and a link to the application on this page. Questions? Please email [email protected].

Request a Personalized Letter for Your Employer

To request a personalized letter to send to your employer highlighting the benefits of applying to ARIN’s Fellowship Program and attending an ARIN Public Policy and Members Meeting, please email [email protected].

How are Fellows chosen?

The Fellowship Selection Committee is led by a member from ARIN’s Communications Department and includes volunteer representatives from the ARIN-elected bodies, General Members in Good Standing, and past fellows. Together, they evaluate applications and select Fellows for the spring and fall meetings.

The Committee is charged with evaluating the applications and selecting the applicants who are best suited for an ARIN Fellowship. The Committee’s decision is guided by the selection criteria outlined in the “Am I eligible to apply” section and at its sole discretion. The Committee will also take into consideration a desire to provide opportunities to individuals from a broad diversity of organization types and geographic locations.

The Committee may award up to 10 ARIN Fellowships per ARIN Public Policy and Members Meeting, but may elect to award fewer. The Committee may also designate two additional applicants to serve as primary and secondary alternate awardees in the event a selected Fellow must decline their ARIN Virtual Fellowship.

The decisions of the Committee are final, and the awards will be announced on ARIN’s website. All Committee communications and deliberations regarding potential Fellows will be kept confidential.

How are the selected Fellows announced?

Those selected as Fellows are notified by ARIN’s Communications Department. After their acceptance is confirmed, the selected Fellows are announced on the ARIN Current and Past ARIN Fellows webpage and to the ARIN Announce mailing list. Applicants not selected to receive the Fellowship in the current round are eligible and encouraged to apply in future rounds.

How does mentorship work?

Members of the ARIN Advisory Council and seasoned community members serve as mentors, providing advice and sharing experience that will provide a smooth transition into the ARIN community. Mentors are assigned prior to the meeting so that Fellows can be introduced virtually before the sessions begin. The mentor and Fellows will have weekly breakout room sessions to learn more about ARIN’s processes and operations and discuss other current events in the technology field.

Who are the Current and Past Fellows?

See all ARIN Current and Past Fellowship Recipients

What our Fellows have said…

“My mentor was very helpful in preparing me for the meeting. He gave some great insight how to approach the meetings and networking in general.”

-ARIN 44 Fellow

ARIN Virtual Fellowship Application Questions

Below is a preview of some of the questions asked on the Virtual Fellowship questionnaire. The dates to apply to the Virtual Fellowship will be 11 January – 12 February 2021 and the application is available through SurveyMonkey Apply.

  1. What interests you about ARIN? Why?
  2. What do you intend to accomplish by attending this virtual program?
  3. How do you think your experience will benefit you, your organization, or the Internet community?
  4. If selected, how do you intend to share or apply what you learned at your organization and/or within your community?
  5. To apply you must be subscribed to the ARIN Announce and Public Policy Mailing Lists. Under what email address are you subscribed?
  6. Please provide the name and contact information of two references who can support your application. (References may be contacted by the ARIN Fellowship Selection Committee.) Please note that ARIN staff may not be used as references.
  7. Explain in detail your interest in receiving mentorship from a technology professional in the ARIN community.
  8. Provide a brief summary of your experience, professionally or academically, within the Internet industry. Please do not include your resume.
  9. What is your experience within Internet governance and/or policy?
  10. Are there any additional comments that you have?

ARIN Fellowship Program