Mozilla Fellowships

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We are currently looking for two fellows to join the Common Voice project – which aims to shape the future of voice AI. This project seeks to build openly available datasets for training machine learning driven voice technologies. The core of this project is a platform that supports language communities and individual volunteers to “donate their voice” to an open dataset, which anyone can then download for commercial or non-commercial use. As our Kiswahili Fellow you will work closely with Mozilla’s Fellow Local Lead (Under-resourced Languages), and the Mozilla Foundation Common Voice project team, focussing on building:

● An open voice dataset in Kiswahili suitable for training a speech-to-text engine for seven specific use-cases (1,000+ hours), including domain-specific subset needed for specific use cases● A trained speech-to-text model in Kiswahili based on Mozilla’s Deep Speech open source technology, with technical assistance provided for implementation into use cases like a local product or initiative (more details in the job specs). I have attached the job descriptions for those who may be interested and please do share in your networks. Please note the applications are through the platform Upwork. Do reach out if you might have any questions. Thanks Chenai

Here is the two job descriptions