10th Registration Operations Workshop (ROW), June 8th, 2021, Online

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May 26, 2021 By Marc BlanchetInternet Network Engineer and Consultant

The Registration Operations Workshop (ROW) was conceived as an informal industry conference that would provide a forum for discussion of the technical aspects of registration operations in the domain name system and IP addressing.

The 10th ROW will be held online on Tuesday, June 8th, 2021 at 13h00-17h00 UTC. The discussion topics will be:

  • Project Jake: Precise Specification of Collection and Access Rules for Registration Data
  • Domain Unrenew
  • Registry Lock
  • jscontact-tools
  • A Primer in Registration Data Access Protocol (RDAP) Performance
  • Integrating .it RDAP Server with OpenID Connect through Keycloak: experiences and expectations
  • RegeID: Bringing electronic identity into domain industry
  • Using the Registrant Email Address Field to connect Identity Services to Domain Names
  • Minimizing A Registry’s Operational and Legal Risk to GDPR & NIS 2.0; .MUSIC’s Approach
  • Public Suffix List(s) – Voluntary “Rainbow Bridge” between Domains and Developers/Apps

The attendance is free but registration is required to get the Zoom URL and credentials.

The ROW Series workshops are sponsored by Verisign and ICANN