State of Broadband report

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New research shows high-level broadband data for each US state, offering a visual representation of average maximum broadband download speeds available in each county in the state, along with state-wide changes in availability, adoption, and speed time. By compiling snapshots from all fifty states into one booklet, the report serves as a starting point for anyone seeking a broader understanding of connectivity around the country.  The report is best used in conjunction with these interactive state maps that harness the power of cloud-based computing, allowing them to combine multiple datasets and yield insights that would have been exceptionally difficult to manage from a single source. Currently, the interactive maps support eight different datasets and can provide comprehensive broadband metrics tailored to specific regions within the state. Users can gain an extensive understanding of coverage in counties, state legislative districts, federal Congressional districts, and even individual census blocks. To access TPI’s interactive state-level maps, visit

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