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Results of Afnic’s ‘Succeed with the Web’ study on the online presence of VSE/SME

PRESS RELEASE January 28, 2020 – VSEs and SMEs: keen to establish an online presence but still lacking sufficient knowledge of the opportunities that websites present. Afnic – the association responsible for .fr domain names – today unveiled the results of its Réussir avec le Web (‘Succeed with the Web’) study analysing the online presence […]


2019: Economic and political innovation came of age in Africa

BY K. RIVA LEVINSON, OPINION CONTRIBUTOR — 12/31/19 11:00 AM by © ASHRAF SHAZLY/AFP/Getty Images 2019 was notable year for Africa — politically, economically, culturally, and for the coming of age of its technological revolution. Some of the year’s advancements were cyclical, but others were historic, unprecedented, and could propel a continent of largely young people forward in […]

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Egypt Escalates Pressure on Last Major Independent News Site

Security forces raided the publication’s office, detaining three editors, the day after arresting another editor. By Nada Rashwan CAIRO — Egyptian security forces on Sunday escalated their pressure on the last major independent news outlet in the country, raiding its offices and temporarily detaining three top editors. Another editor of the publication, Mada Masr, had been arrested […]

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As NDIA continues to grow, so do our communication strategies! We strive to keep everyone in the digital inclusion field connected and informed. To do this we have a blog, a community listserv, and the NDIA Newsletter. The Newsletter will no longer be posted to the community listserv. Instead, it will be distributed through MailChimp […]


Infrastructure, investment, innovation: how Africa is accelerating digital transformation

Speakers at Africa’s premier conference on digital technology and transformation identified infrastructure evolution, business models, and ecosystem innovation as key success factors to fully realise Africa’s digital future.Madanmohan Rao19th Jun 2019 Over 450 industry experts representing 270 companies gathered in Addis Ababa last week for the Innovation Africa Digital Summit (IADS). Organised by Extensia, the 17th edition of the conference […]

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#IAmTheSudanRevolution: Support for Sudan amid internet blackout

Sudanese abroad are using social media to raise awareness about a violent crackdown on protesters by Sudan’s Charlotte Mitchell20 hours ago MORE ON SUDAN Sudanese around the world have been taking to social media to raise awareness of a violent crackdown on protesters in Sudan amid a partial but crippling internet blackout in the country.  Under the #IAmTheSudanRevolution hashtag, social media users are […]


The internet is changing Africa, mostly for the better

Daniel Van Boom  |  C|Net Widespread internet access is changing the African continent, largely thanks to the rise in smartphone ownership. Many Africans who are unable to afford costly broadband connections can now access the web for the first time, via sub-$50 Android phones. The rate of adoption continues to surge: A GSMA study predicts Africa will get 300 […]

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Our Shared Future: Autonomous and Intelligent Systems to Advance Sustainable Development

By Elizabeth D. Gibbons THE INSTITUTEThe challenges of ethical development and the deployment of autonomous and intelligent systems (A/IS) are so broad and complex that no one organization could possibly facilitate all the necessary conversations or tangible outputs. IEEE is one of several organizations around the world working in a network-of-networks effort to increase understanding of […]

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After Access: A demand-side view of mobile internet from 10 African countries

New report: After Access 2018- A demand-side view of mobile internet from 10 African countries by Alison Gillwald andOnkokame Mothobi. 16 May 2019 The After Access survey – long made possible through the support of the Canadian International Development  Research Council  (IDRC) and in 2018  by the Swedish International Development Agency (SIDA)  – and conducted by DIRSI […]