Apple Cyberattacks

Joel Trenaman: The Canadian lab that exposed a critical flaw that left Apple devices vulnerable Special to National PostPublishing date:Nov 28, 2021   On Nov. 23, Apple announced it is suing a global software developer following a security breach that left its operating systems vulnerable to surveillance. In September, Apple scrambled to issue a protective patch for a reported 1.65 billion devices that were vulnerable to the NSO Group’s notorious Pegasus spyware. […]

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Why are Google and Apple still silent on Russian censorship?

The two tech giants need to be transparent on why they caved in to Russian pressure to censor an opposition app. Natalia KrapivaTech-Legal Counsel at Access Now Published On 1 Nov 2021 On September 19, Russia concluded a three-day parliamentary election bonanza, which caused much controversy. Not only were there allegations of ballot stuffing and […]