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Our Broadband Moment–Acting Now and Looking Forward

Copyright Benton Foundation Eleven years ago Congress instructed the Federal Communications Commission to develop a national broadband plan to ensure that all Americans had affordable access to broadband and that America utilized broadband to advance a number of national purposes, including health care, education, job training, public safety, and economic growth. Ten years ago this week, the […]

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Tell The Story We Know: Broadband Competition is Too Limited

I was General Counsel of the Federal Communications Commission when it sought the preemption of state laws in Tennessee and North Carolina that limited the ability of municipalities to promote broadband. We failed in that effort, but the case laid out the key facts. The FCC found that the provision of municipal broadband in Chattanooga, […]

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What is the Rural Digital Opportunity Fund?

Round-Up for the Week of February 10-14, 2020 On February 7, the Federal Communications Commission released the report and order that creates the framework for the Rural Digital Opportunity Fund, the latest effort to extend the reach of broadband networks deeper into rural America. The FCC’s own research estimates that $80 billion is needed to bring broadband everywhere […]


NDIA Broadband Research Base

This dataset of academic and practitioner research on the impact of broadband access and use was made possible by a partnership with the Brookings Institution’s Metropolitan Policy Program. NDIA has created an excel template for the submission of multiple research articles at once. Requests for the excel template, general questions, and suggestions for edits should be sent […]

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This report will outline how investment in efforts to increase digital inclusion wouldimprove Cuyahoga County service delivery in many ways. Especially notable is by improving opportunities for and the quality of online transactions. And by interweaving digital literacy training and support into existing departmental programming, the county can extend theeffectiveness of existing initiatives while also […]

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Broadband and Cities

Progress in closing the digital divide is greatest where poverty rates are declining the most Broadband may not be able to solve all the problems relating to social inequality and poverty, but addressing them is likely to be much harder if substantial portions of the low-income population lack broadband access at home. New analysis of broadband adoption […]

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Advocates for Digital Inclusion Address Different Facets of Bridging the Digital Divide

Screenshot of Internet Society livestream of panel on digital inclusion at the Next Century Cities’ conference WASHINGTON, January 23, 2020 – The digital divide is a real division in the country, affects more than just rural areas and keeps Americans from crucial access to 21st Century skills, a diverse panel of digital inclusion experts said Thursday […]

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Tribal Technology Assessment: The State of Internet Service on Tribal Land

Arizona State University, American Indian Policy Institute, July 2019) The purpose of the Tribal Technology Assessment was to create the first academic and replicable quantitative study of broadband access, device use, and uses of the internet by Tribal peoples on Tribal lands. Federal data continues to show tribal lands are the least connected areas of […]


Too Big to be Left Unnoticed: America’s Uncompetitive Broadband Market

Annual Tech, Media, & Telecom Competition Conference The Capitol Forum Good Morning. Thank you to The Capitol Forum and to Teddy Downey for the chance to appear here today. Teddy and his team have made The Capitol Forum into an indispensable source for analysis especially by digging into issues that might otherwise go unnoticed.  That’s really my theme today […]

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This national broadband map is our attempt to provide the most accurate, up-to-date map of availability and speeds and the first to provide a national view of pricing down to the census block. See where this data comes from and the challenges underpinning accurate broadband maps. See our guide to national broadband funding and read our FAQ. Read about BroadbandNow’s mission. HOW TO USE THE MAP: Pan and […]