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German Telecom Company Chooses Huawei To Start 5G Network Project

December 12, 20193:22 PM ET VANESSA ROMOTwitter ROB SCHMITZTwitter The German deal with Huawei has not been finalized. It is contingent on the technology and companies passing a security certification according to German law.Mark Schiefelbein/AP German network provider Telefonica Deutschland has chosen Huawei to help build its next generation 5G network, ignoring pleas from the […]


China’s Tech Giant Huawei Spans Much Of The Globe Despite U.S. Efforts To Ban It

October 24, 20192:30 PM ET EMILY FENG AMY CHENG The United States government doesn’t want the Chinese technology giant Huawei to feel welcome almost anywhere. In the past year, the U.S. had the company’s chief financial officer detained in Canada and temporarily cut off its access to American suppliers, endangering Huawei’s ambitions to roll out the next […]


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A world divided by 5G: Russia’s Huawei deal is the latest sign of an emerging internet iron curtain Security Firm Says Huawei, ZTE Devices Still Run on Government Networks Secretary of State Mike Pompeo labels Huawei an ‘instrument of Chinese government’  |  Hill, The Huawei argues congressional ban on its equipment is unconstitutional  |  Ars Technica Huawei loses […]