ISOC June Update

Canadian Multistakeholder Process: Enhancing IoT Security Final Outcomes and Recommendations Report Released  On May 28th, the Enhancing IoT Security Final Outcomes and Recommendations Report was officially launched during President and CEO, Andrew Sullivan’s, speech at Digital Access Day. The report is the culmination of a year-long multistakeholder process to secure the Internet of Things in Canada. As a […]


America needs bipartisan solution to settle the score on net neutrality BY KATIE JORDAN, OPINION CONTRIBUTOR © Getty Images While the Save the Internet Act was introduced with good intentions, it polarized Americans to the point it was ‘dead-on-arrival’ long before Republican Senate majority leader Mitch McConnell blocked it from a vote. With nearly 50 Democratic members […]


Community Networking Resources

A collection of Ebooks on Spectrum and Community Networking are available for downloading in my bookshelf for off line reading or use of your E Reader This collection is growing on Community Networking and its will include How To manuals, reports and technical digests for organizations to learn from best practices The Community LTE […]

cybersecurity ISOC

Michael Hill Acting Editor , Infosecurity Magazine The subject of how information security impacts different industry sectors is an intriguing one. For example, how does the finance industry fare in terms of information security compared to the education sector, or the entertainment business? Are there some sectors that face greater cyber-threats and risks than others? Do some do […]


Smart Devices and Privacy

A new smart device survey by Consumers International and the Internet Society highlights this seeming contradiction. Some 63 percent of people find connected devices to be “creepy,” and 75 percent don’t trust the way their data is shared by those devices, according to a survey of people in the United States, Canada, Japan, Australia, France, and the […]


Internet Hall of Fame

Do you know of someone who has made the Internet better in some way who deserves more recognition? Maybe someone who has helped extend Internet access to a large region? Or wrote widely-used programs that make the Internet more secure? Or maybe someone who has been actively working for open standards and open processes for […]