Mobile Technology and Home Broadband 2021

Smartphone ownership and home broadband adoption are up slightly since 2019. And 30% of Americans say they at least sometimes experience problems connecting to internet at home BY ANDREW PERRIN How we did this Smartphone ownership (85%) and home broadband subscriptions (77%) have increased among American adults since 2019 – from 81% and 73% respectively. Though modest, both […]

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Soldiers with smartphones can be a gift to the enemy

Maria Farrell // March 20, 2020 With security risks and data-leaks, why do some serving soldiers bring smartphones on deployment, and how do countries differ? Credit: US Army/Flickr A few years ago, my husband deployed to Afghanistan where the British Army had categorically banned all soldiers from using their phones. He called once a week at most, […]

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United States and UK Weigh Deploying Tracking Technology

While Israeli officials announced they were already using anti-terror tech to counter the virus, policy makers in the United States and the UK have been weighing the deployment of tracking technology to monitor and control the spread of the coronavirus. In the United States, the technologies under consideration include geolocation tracking, facial recognition, and social media account scraping aimed […]

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After Access: A demand-side view of mobile internet from 10 African countries

New report: After Access 2018- A demand-side view of mobile internet from 10 African countries by Alison Gillwald andOnkokame Mothobi. 16 May 2019 The After Access survey – long made possible through the support of the Canadian International Development  Research Council  (IDRC) and in 2018  by the Swedish International Development Agency (SIDA)  – and conducted by DIRSI […]