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Tribal wireless boot camp builds community for broadband

Participants in the tribal wireless boot camp learn about how to configure a wireless network. (Christopher Mitchell / Institute for Local Self-Reliance by Colin WoodJUL 26, 2021 | STATESCOOP Several nonprofit groups held a “wireless boot camp” for tribal nations from Northern California this month, the first in what organizers said will be a series […]

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Tackling the Tribal Digital Divide

A nonprofit helps Native communities build and operate their own broadband networks. MARCH 2020 READING TIME 7 MIN STEADY NOW: Maka‘awa‘awa, Matt Rantanen, Triggs and Darrah Blackwater help the Nation of Hawai‘i set up a community broadband network. Photo: Christopher MitchellFacebook – share an article. Opens in new window.Twitter – share an article. Opens in new window. […]

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For Remote Tribes, Free Airwaves Licenses Mean Chance to Connect

Many rural tribal lands lack internet access, but a new program to provide free broadband licenses to American Indians could change that.Jim Watson/AFP via Getty Images Jan. 27, 2020, FCC starts offering American Indians spectrum licenses in February Arizona’s Havasupai provide example for building, running network Most people on rural tribal lands have no internet, […]