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National Tribal Broadband Summit

Department of the Interior, Department of Education, and the Institute of Museum and Library Services09/23/2019 – 08:00 to 09/24/2019 – 16:30 The National Tribal Broadband Summit will connect tribal leaders with private sector and federal decision makers to explore ways to expand broadband capacity and investment in American Indian and Alaska Native communities, schools, and libraries. The summit will […]

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China is Teaching the United States a Lesson on Blockchain Policy

What is blockchain and why does it matter? Essentially a mysterious entity known only as Satoshi Nakamoto developed the foundational technology to create a decentralized, open source, verifiable and immutable ledger for internet transactions. However the concept of a distributed peer-to-peer internet where power and control is determined by a decentralized consensus directly contradicts the […]

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US Cyber Command has reportedly been aggressively targeting Russia’s electrical grid

Officials describe their efforts as more aggressive than they would have contemplated a few years agoBy Andrew [email protected]  Jun 15, 2019, 5:46pm EDT The United States Cyber Command has made a number of incursions into Russia’s electrical infrastructure in recent months, according to a new report in The New York Times. Officials that the publication spoke with characterized the […]

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Digital gap between rural and nonrural America persists

Andrew Perrin  |  Research  |  Pew Research Center Rural Americans have made large gains in adopting digital technology over the past decade, but they generally remain less likely than urban or suburban adults to have home broadband or own a smartphone. Roughly two-thirds of rural Americans (63%) say they have a broadband internet connection at home, up from about […]

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U.S. Requiring Social Media Information From Visa Applicants

By Sandra E. Garcia, June 2, 2019 Visa applicants to the United States are required to submit any information about social media accounts they have used in the past five years under a State Department policy that started on Friday. Such account information would give the government access to photos, locations, dates of birth, dates […]

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Joint Statement on the United States and European Union Holding of the 16th Information Society Dialogue

  State Department 25 May 2019 Washington, DC – On May 23, the United States of America hosted the 16th U.S.-EU Information Society Dialogue (ISD) in Washington, D.C. Robert Strayer, Deputy Assistant Secretary for Cyber and International Communications and Information Policy, U.S. Department of State, and Roberto Viola, Director General for Communications Networks, Content and Technology […]

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The internet is dividing, and the choice boils down to China or the West

RN By Antony Funnell for Future Tense The internet is dividing, and countries and companies will soon be forced to make a stark decision about their online futures: whether to choose the Western approach or a model shaped by the Chinese Communist Party. Analysts warn the choice between the two very different philosophical camps won’t be easy — […]

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Rural America still struggling for access to high-speed internet service

By Charles Watson | Fox News Video Rural America could get connected to broadband as states make way for Electric co-ops As more states rely less on major telecommunication companies to provide the infrastructure needed to offer high speed internet in rural areas, some states are turning to electric co-ops to get the job done. HAMILTON, Ala. […]