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Millions of Americans Depend on Libraries for Internet. Now They’re Closed

Coronavirus From big cities to tiny towns, librarians are getting scrappy to meet the needBy Lauren KirchnerJune 25, 2020 10:00 ET A sign displayed on the lawn of West Dennis Library in Massachusetts, on March 18.John Tlumacki/The Boston Globe/Getty Images Copy LinkCopied!Republish On a typical afternoon in The Before Times, the Cherokee Public Library in Cherokee, Iowa […]

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Solarium Report Eclipsed By Pandemic

Published on March 20, 2020 Dale Peterson A Ebook version of the full report The long awaited U.S. Cyberspace Solarium Commission Report came out and received very little attention given more pressing pandemic events. And this is a good thing. I’ll provide some critique and then, to be fair, provide my two-part prescription for this difficult question. […]

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Press Release CHAIRMAN PAI LAUNCHES THE KEEP AMERICANS CONNECTED PLEDGEPai Calls on Broadband and Telephone Service Providers to Promote Connectivity for Americans Impacted by the Disruptions Caused by the Coronavirus PandemicWASHINGTON, March 13, 2020—Yesterday, in multiple phone calls with broadband and telephone service providers and trade associations, Federal Communications Commission Chairman Ajit Pai emphasized the importance […]

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Lack of Broadband Leaves Students Behind

Michigan State University’s Quello Center reported this week that middle and high school students with high-speed Internet access at home have more digital skills, higher grades, and perform better on standardized tests, such as the SAT. Regardless of socioeconomic status, students who cannot access the Internet from home or are dependent on a cell phone for Internet access […]

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US internet bill seen as opening shot against end-to-end encryption

Platforms would lose legal cover if they fail to follow ‘best practice’ to prevent child abuse Alex Hern @alexhern Fri 6 Mar 2020 17.02 GMTLast modified on Fri 6 Mar 2020 17.07 GMT US senators have proposed a new law which would make key legal protections that online platforms rely on contingent on those platforms adopting specific practices related to […]

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Tackling the Tribal Digital Divide

A nonprofit helps Native communities build and operate their own broadband networks. MARCH 2020 READING TIME 7 MIN STEADY NOW: Maka‘awa‘awa, Matt Rantanen, Triggs and Darrah Blackwater help the Nation of Hawai‘i set up a community broadband network. Photo: Christopher MitchellFacebook – share an article. Opens in new window.Twitter – share an article. Opens in new window. […]

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What is the Rural Digital Opportunity Fund?

Round-Up for the Week of February 10-14, 2020 On February 7, the Federal Communications Commission released the report and order that creates the framework for the Rural Digital Opportunity Fund, the latest effort to extend the reach of broadband networks deeper into rural America. The FCC’s own research estimates that $80 billion is needed to bring broadband everywhere […]

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US colleges are trying to install location tracking apps on students’ phones

Supposedly an easier way to track attendance Sean [email protected]  Jan 28, 2020, 5:29pm EST Share this on Facebook (opens in new window) Share this on Twitter (opens in new window) SHAREAll sharing options Barely over a year ago, we pointed out how dystopian it seemed when Chinese schools added “smart uniforms” to track their students’ attendance. But US colleges are already […]

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For Remote Tribes, Free Airwaves Licenses Mean Chance to Connect

Many rural tribal lands lack internet access, but a new program to provide free broadband licenses to American Indians could change that.Jim Watson/AFP via Getty Images Jan. 27, 2020, FCC starts offering American Indians spectrum licenses in February Arizona’s Havasupai provide example for building, running network Most people on rural tribal lands have no internet, […]

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National Tribal Broadband Summit

Department of the Interior, Department of Education, and the Institute of Museum and Library Services09/23/2019 – 08:00 to 09/24/2019 – 16:30 The National Tribal Broadband Summit will connect tribal leaders with private sector and federal decision makers to explore ways to expand broadband capacity and investment in American Indian and Alaska Native communities, schools, and libraries. The summit will […]