Editors Corner

About the Editors

The Internet Governance Hub is an extension of the work done at the Internet Governance Hub on Facebook by a series of moderators and our shared membership

Glenn McKnight

Glenn has a list of activities spans the IG ecosystem

  • Moderator of the IG Hub on Facebook
  • Incoming ICANN NOMCOM member, Secretariat and former chair for ICANN NARALO
  • ISOC Board of Trustee and co founder of ISOC Canada
  • Curator for DIPLO
  • Creator of the NARALO Insights, ISOC Canada Series and the ICANN Shorts on Youtube
  • Team member of INSIG and SSIG
  • Coordinator for the Second North American School of Internet Governance
  • Picture collection

Narine Khachatryan https://www.linkedin.com/in/narinekhachatryan/