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What’s Next for the Affordable Connectivity Program?

Digital Beat What’s Next for the Affordable Connectivity Program? In an earlier article, we introduced the new Affordable Connectivity Program, created by Congress in the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act. But the Federal Communications Commission still has lots of work to do to ensure the program delivers affordable broadband to low-income households. Here’s what remains on the FCC […]

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Digital Governance: the cyber risk landscape in 2021 and forecast for 2022 Colin Biggers & Paisley Lawyers Australia January 21 2022 In brief – Legislation passed in 2021 addresses the cyber security of critical infrastructure and introduces a notification scheme for ransomware attacks, while in 2022 we may see legislative changes to the Corporations Act and Privacy Act. Cyber attacks have continued to make news headlines in 2021, with long […]


I was just really scared’: Apple AirTags lead to stalking complaints

Police across the US have received reports of devices intended to help locate lost items being used for nefarious purposes Adrienne MateiThu 20 Jan 2022 19.52 GMT In early January, Brooks Nader, a 26-year-old Sports Illustrated swimsuit mode, was walking home alone from a night out in New York when she received a disturbing […]


IGF 2022 Call for Thematic Inputs

All IGF stakeholders are invited to submit inputs to the IGF Secretariat to assist with the planning of thematic focus of the IGF 2022 process and its 17th annual meeting. Inputs can be submitted through the form below until 14 February 2022, 23:59 UTC. All inputs are posted on the IGF website, as received. The IGF Secretariat will produce analysis of all contributions received by the deadline, which […]

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How to address digital safety in the metaverse 14 Jan 2022 Cathy LiHead of Media, Entertainment and Sport Industries, World Economic Forum Farah LalaniCommunity Lead, Global Coalition for Digital Safety, World Economic Forum UpLink – Take Action for the SDGsTake action on UpLinkForum in focusGlobal Alliance scales up efforts to create a safe media ecosystem through the World Economic Forum’s platformRead more […]

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Internet Governance Outlook 2022: A Global Digital Compact or a Bifurcated Cyberspace? By Wolfgang KleinwächterProfessor Emeritus at the University of Aarhus January 10, 2022 This is the 10th edition of my annual Internet Governance Outlook. The first one was published on CircleID on January 3, 2013, just a couple of weeks after ITU’s World Conference on International Telecommunications (WCIT). I wrote: “Anyone who expected that with the end […]

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Web3 – What Brand Protection Pros Need to Know By Frederick Felman Principle January 06, 2022 Avivah Litan, the storied Gartner analyst, laid it down succinctly for insiders in her blog two and one-half years ago. She said, “Web 3.0 will transform us from Web 2.0’s monetization via surveillance capitalism and advertising to monetization built directly into the protocol that is equally available to any connected […]

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Internet censorship cost the global economy $5.5 billion in 2021, report says

Isobel Asher Hamilton Internet shutdowns cost the global economy $5.5 billion in 2021, per digital rights group Top10VPN. Myanmar was the most severely impacted, losing an estimated $2.8 billion to shutdowns. Top10VPN said the number of people impacted by internet shutdowns rose 80% from 2020 to 2021. Internet blackouts, social media shutdowns, and bandwidth-throttling by […]


UN says measures to improve cyberspace safety needed now January 6, 2022 With 782 million people joining the internet since 2019, what is being done to protect people while online – whether its remote working, learning or simply using social media? The amount of people using the internet since 2019 has increased 17% with 782 million people estimated to have come online during that period. While the […]


Come the Metaverse, Can Privacy Exist?

In immersive worlds, new technologies will siphon up data at an increasingly granular level—a person’s gait, eye movements, emotions and more—putting far greater strain on existing safeguards By David UbertiJan. 4, 2022 5:30 am ETPRINTTEXT In its current form, the internet relies on data collection that some critics liken to mass surveillance. Technology companies and […]