SPARK Podcast Technology allows us to predict most disasters, so why are we still so unprepared for them? How machine learning and social media response can help shape future disaster response.

Internet Governance

Framing the Internet Governance Debate: The Long Road to WSIS+20 (2025)

By Wolfgang KleinwächterProfessor Emeritus at the University of Aarhus March 04, 2021 Views: 815 Add Comment Since the early 2000s, the global debate about Internet Governance did have its ups and downs. We did see the establishment of ICANN, the UN World Summit on the Information Society (WSIS), the making of the Internet Governance Forum (IGF), and […]

Gig Worker Rights

South African Uber drivers set for court challenge to assert gig worker rights

A coalition of law firms intends filing a class action complaint against ride-sharing service Uber South Africa on behalf of South African Uber drivers. They argue that Uber drivers are being denied labour rights constitutionally entrenched in South Africa and in the Labour Relations Act. Digital platforms have provided pathways for many in Africa’s informal […]

Covid-19 ISOC

Internet Society Foundation Announces Second Round of Emergency Response Grants

Internet Society Foundation Announces Second Round of Emergency Response GrantsContinued focus will be on COVID-19 with grants ranging from US$250,000-$500,000 March 02, 2021 09:04 AM Eastern Standard TimeRESTON, Va.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–The Internet Society Foundation has launched a second round of COVID-19 grant funding through its Emergency Response grant programme. The grants are aimed at projects that […]

Artificial Intelligence

AI Teaches Itself Diplomacy

Another classic game deepens a skillset with broad applications—diplomatic savvy often needed in a pinch, crunch, or imbroglio By Matthew Hutson,03-04-21&utm_content=httpsspectrumieeeorgtechtalkroboticsartificialintelligenceailearnsdiplomacygaming&mkt_tok=NzU2LUdQSC04OTkAAAF7nMMyVC-j5N5uOawKqXpf_i8cf746nKNoMfIRTafrxIhgi4BhUkD-i07_T5qNA5AEd1FMmS55JfNCjlpWJodBLP8HdpI5CTAUYwRwsEz_AHs Now that DeepMind has taught AI to master the game of Go—and furthered its advantage in chess—they’ve turned their attention to another board game: Diplomacy. Unlike Go, it is seven-player, it requires a combination of competition and cooperation, […]


The Digital Divide: How Virtual Technology Can Help Close Gaps in Professional Training

MARCH 2, 2021 CONTRIBUTOR: JACK JOHNSON The pandemic has changed working conditions across every sector and industry. Our homes have become places of work with social distancing restrictions forcing workers to leave the office. This has caused considerable problems when it comes to training and learning opportunities. In April 2020, the UK Office for National […]


‘Facebook has a blind spot’: why Spanish-language misinformation is flourishing

Researchers say Spanish-language content is less often and less quickly moderated for misinformation than English content Kari Paul in San Francisco Wed 3 Mar 2021 11.00 GMT In the last year, Facebook adjusted some of the most fundamental rules about what gets posted on its platform, halting algorithmic recommendations of political groups, banning lies about vaccines and removing a […]

Internet Shutdown

Mapping internet shutdowns around the world Mapping internet shutdowns around the world In 2020, India topped list of 29 countries that blocked access to the internet despite increased demand during COVID-19. By Hanna Duggal3 Mar 2021 Over the past year, billions of people all over the world have relied heavily on internet connectivity to keep in touch with family and friends, […]

DNS Abuse

A Community Dialogue

March 16, 20214:00 pm to 5:30 pm UTC As our daily lives increasingly move online, the security and stability of the Internet become more critical. A category of threats to that security, namely malware, phishing, pharming, botnets, and related spam, collectively labeled DNS Abuse, present a considerable problem to the DNS ecosystem. Historically, efforts to […]

Twittter Feeds

Twitter ups efforts to stop misinformation, labeling falsehoods related to COVID-19 vaccine

Morgan Hines USA TODAY0:180:59 Twitter is bolstering its efforts to point out misinformation on the platform, a long-standing problem across social media that has taken on new urgency amid last year’s election and through the pandemic.  “Starting today, we will begin applying labels to Tweets that may contain misleading information about COVID-19 vaccines, in addition to our […]